A 2 Minute Look at a Restaurant Chatbot: Smarter Demos Series

[Music] in this day and age everyone is extremely busy and sometimes we don't have the time to go out of our way to a restaurant that we really enjoy and chatbots off for that solution where you can pull your phone out of your pocket and place an order and you know using an intelligent chat bot allows you to reach out to a wider market of customers on all of these different channels so this is a restaurant chat bot and this scenario will be a user going into their Facebook Messenger and interacting and you know chatting up a chat bot the first thing that we do with our chat bot is provide you a list of several restaurants so you might be interested in and from there say maybe you're in the mood for chicken you'll type in chicken and send that message you know provide you a list of all of the related products that they have once you're done selecting items in the menu it will then provide you with the nearest restaurants and it can place the order at the location or you can actually get it delivered to you and basically you'll get a summary at the end of your interaction with the chat bot and you can place your order using PayPal there's a wide range of customers using tons of different devices such as cell phones tablets desktops voice assistance and this solution allows you to reach out to customers on all of these channels you

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