Announcing the Rasa Masterclass | Rasa 1.8.0

Hello everyone! My name is Juste and I
am the Head of Developer Relations at Rasa. Today I am extremely excited to
invite you all to the Rasa Masterclass – and in-depth video series on building
contextual AI assistants with Rasa tools: from just an idea all the way to
production. But what are the contextual AI assistants? Contextual AI assistants
go far beyond simple FAQ interactions. They consider the context of what has
been said before which is a very important part of every natural

During the Rasa Masterclass we will not only cover the
theoretical topics like machine learning for natural language understanding and
dialogue management but will also build an actual contextual AI assistant. So if
you follow the series you will see how building and improving an AI assistant
works in practice and build quite an advanced AI assistant yourself. Each week
we will cover a new topic. For example, we will talk about the best practices of
designing the training stories – starting with simple cases and building it up all
the way to quite an advanced situations like handling chit-chat. We will also
talk about the topics like custom actions, forms, even the deployment and
allowing your assistant to operate in the outside world. Rhe main goal of the
Rasa Masterclass is to show you how you can build your own contextual AI
assistant starting with something simple and building it up all the way to quite
an advanced application.

You don't have to be a machine learning or Rasa
expert to follow the series but I'm sure that at the end of the course you will
know quite a few advanced tips and tricks on how to build great contextual
AI assistants. So stay tuned for the upcoming episodes of the Rasa Masterclass here on the Rasa YouTube channel. I'm looking forward to seeing you at the
Rasa Masterclass and let's build great contextual AI assistants together!

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