Best Facebook Chatbot – A Complete Web Based Facebook Messenger Bot Software

did you know that you can now have a fully automated live chat assistant on your Facebook fan pages to answer questions help your fans and even close new sales for you yes the future has arrived now and bullet response is that brand new software that lets you add intelligent chat BOTS to unlimited fan pages bullet response will connect with your Facebook page within minutes and start talking to your customers who come to your fan page whether you are busy in meetings or away on vacation this chat bot will help potential leads and customers buy products provide information and keep them happy the chat pod can instantly answer regular questions about products and services or it could show them product images and videos show various products sample images and can even send potential customers helpful links or ask them to place an order instantly hecka can even push leads to take action now offer deals and discounts and close new sales for you all on complete autopilot all this takes seconds and this is how you can get thousands of new leads and sales on 100% autopilot from your Facebook fan pages really incredible the best part though is that this software also builds you a list on complete auto-pilot stores user info like name photo location gender and lets you send mass messages to all your users in just one click now imagine launching a new product and being able to announce it to all your fans and users instantly right inside their facebook Messenger and inside their inbox which guarantees they'll see it every single time this is what we've been waiting for now this feature is just like email marketing except it's 100% free and there's no need to deal with spam and your messages will never bounce if you've ever dreamed of 100% deliverability rate this is it Facebook has officially thrown a wrench into the email marketing game because nobody can beat a 100% deliverability rate only Facebook has that and now you're about to have that too oh one more thing the most mind-blowing feature in this software is called bullet brain it's the intelligent brain of the software that automatically learns using artificial intelligence it understands typos and misspellings and you could teach the chat bot logical steps on how to talk to your customers bullet brain can provide your customers with links sign up lead capture forms and buy buttons at the right time in the conversation so that people can visit your site sign up for your list and purchase your products instantly amazing right and you could get your hands on this brand new Facebook technology today and add it to any number of fan pages you have no more waiting but before you do that do you want to see it in action yeah I thought you would let me get satisha over here to show you just how it works Satish Thank You Todd for such a good introduction now guys I'm going to go ahead and show you those three types of response right on my phone so please pay attention I'm gonna go ahead and and talk to this bot right now so I'm gonna go ahead and say hello let's see what it has to say it says how does a teach welcome to blood response how can I help you you can type help to see common commands for type subscribe to be added to our update list now it's trying to add me to its segment updated list so the owner of the fanpage can send me mass obviously I'm gonna go ahead and subscribe and send wait wait I meant to type subscribe but look it says the teach did you mean to type subscribe should I subscribing yeah yeah subscribe me so it knows what I'm trying to say now it says God is to teach you're not subscribed what can I do for you now I'm gonna say I need some help right I need some help now it's giving me option to open a ticket tap your call or learn more about the products or I can type commands to see more common commands I'm gonna go ahead and type commands commands and it's giving me some you know a random commands that I can type to test it test it out I'm gonna go and type funny what it has let's see funny that is funny that is funny that is funny that is funny says haha Satish did you like that a type funny to see it again so I can show it no no I'm good but I'm good no I'm gonna say help me I need more help right that's what you're for help me and it says open a ticket to have to call pronto let me go ahead and click on products and let's see what happens hey look it's giving me option to buy products God God God God now it says bye now learn more and all that stuff right here God okay that's it man bye I'm done with you

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