Chatbot Zapier Integration (No Coding) | Landbot

In this video we'll see how 
to connect Lanbot with Zapier.  Zapier is an online automation tool that lets you 
connect your favorite apps this could be Gmail,   Slack, Mailchimp, Landbot obviously and many 
more. You can connect two or more apps to   automate repetitive tasks without coding or 
relying on developers to build integration.  So, let's get to the point, how do 
you connect Landbot with Zapier?   Well, first you need to add the Zapier Block. 
Keep in mind that the block integration   will be triggered once the flow reaches the 

So place it wisely. Now inside this   block you'll find two important things. One is 
your Landbot Token, which is unique to your brand   that's why i blurred mine out. Oh… and 
now my face is blurred out too… great.  And the other one is the blog identifier 
which we'll use later in Zapier.  So, go to Zapier.com and create an account if 
you haven't. Now just click on make a Zap! A   Zap consists of a… is the blur thing still 
going on? Is it actually following me? Jeez…   Can someone make it stop?
– I'm working on it.  Great! So A Zap consists of a trigger, 
which is the event that starts your Zap.   And an Action, which is performed 
after the trigger is set.   So when this happens (trigger) do something 

Landbot is the trigger and the   integration is the action. In this case we 
want to trigger Landbot, so type in Landbot.  In the trigger event we will choose the only 
option available, this is Zapier Block activated,   which basically means that it will be triggered 
when the conversation flow reaches the Zapier   Block in your bot.
Click on continue.  Now, Zapier will ask you to 
login into your Landbot account,   when you're done click on continue.
Now, before choosing the block, select the   bot where you have to Zap your block.

In the block 
option select the block identifier we saw earlier.  Click on continue.
Now, you'll need to test the trigger. But,   before doing so try your bot a couple of times 
and remember the variables that you type in.   This way Zapier has more data to work with 
and it's easier to complete integration.  Once you've tested your bot, go back to Zapier 
and click on Test Trigger. Now, we'll need to   find the variables we just typed in trying to 
the bot. Once you find them click on continue.  Great! The Trigger part is done and the 
action now is all up to you and with that   being connected to Landbot your integrations are 
almost limitless. I mean, you can create Trello   Cards from new Landbot entries, add new Landbot 
interesting Pipedrive as deals, add contacts on   autopilot list for new entries on Landbot…
Zapier can connect Landbot with more than 2000   other API's, so go out there and find 
the automation that just works for you!  And that's it! That's how you 
connect Landbot with Zapier.

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