Cloudbot chatbot telepítése és beállítása Twichre

Does not work i don't know how to connect i asked 3 people not in Hungarian NO! Hi I'm Codi, I welcome everyone on my channel and I will tell you today how do you know connect and install on the Twitch channels a cloudbot Let's see Him! First of all, I would like to say a few words about streamlabs About Cloudbot's features and its benefits as the nve suggests this one so a cloud-based stick works in 0/24 hours if you are not available and you are not live you can also protect your supports and respond to your chated does not use local hardware which means that it will not cost any of your resources to use this bot and supports Youtubot Mixer and Twitch as well he has a lot of tools that will be covered in later videos we will talk and set them all up as moderator tools it has capital letter protection, it includes link protection which means they can’t put a link in the chat or delete it automatically there are words that you can filter out automatically with it timers, commands that you for yourself as you can set up chat notifications for example, if someone follows if someone subscribes to your channel or subscribed, etc., etc.

it includes mini-games for chat, media support sharing you can include quotes to save and replay them, you can be in it complete point system, set up and also launch questionnaires so then let's jump over the stick itself first, open the Twitch channels and put it before you and in a second window please open the streamlabset type streamlabs.com and you will log in with the Twitches you will allow access for full management of your Twitch account if you have new streamlabs accounts you will possibly ask for Paypal access which you don’t have to deal with just keep clicking and moving on you don't have to take these steps now recommend that you can download the OBS program from them which I don't highly recommend because the streamlabs OBS program has a lot of resources use from your computer and certain computers it can also cause bigger problems and bugs we don't want to join the prime now it's very important because the paid and left side of the menu where my mouse is you will find the next menu item under the all widgets menu there is one like CloudBot you click and above next to CLoudBot va is a power switch button you press – you can turn on the cloudbot it's done – the cloudbot is turned on from now on and it works – so if you go up your Twitch channels and at the bottom of the chat you can have / mod / mod streamlabs – that is, we will make the moderator a the stick inside already you will write out what streamlabs you received moderator rights from here to the stick it should work on your channels after that if in the lower right corner to the left of the chat is the little sword in the mod view you click then the moderators must have streamlabs inside from now on your sticks are fully operational and can be given and given orders from him set everything on it to work live that would be to set up and install the cloudbot in a nutshell Twitchre and in the next video I will show you that what commands are worth and how to use them to install on the cloudbot if you want to talk to me live you will find everything Friday – YouTube (changed) or feel free to write on Discord Thank you very much guys in the meantime …


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