Desafío Dale Aceptar – Instalación del Chatbot para Linux

and hello today let's see how to install our chat bot for linux once we enter the page to give it to accept we go down to the option that corresponds to our operating system and we do click when this window appears we select the option to open with the file manager or rather file manager like should be called we wait for it to finish loading as it finishes downloading, this program opens that allows us to extract the then we select the folder we put extract and we say to leave it in documents we click extract we hope it finishes we can get out this we can just close and now we can enter my documents and within documents we already have the folder we enter and by double clicking on the icon of chat bot is going to open we have to wait sometimes it takes a second to load up, see you in the first class to learn how to create our first chat bot from scratch until later ah and.

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