Flirt-Bots auf Instagram

You know it, out of the blue you become “just like that” by an old school friend and quickly gets the feeling that he's not doing this out of nostalgia does with a specific purpose. And in most cases we are right about that. This problem is similar on Instagram, only that the interlocutor does not Asks for money or a good word from the employer, but a lucrative, revealing one Makes an offer that seems to be undercut again and again. If the answer to the question "How did you meet?" "Well, she did not ask under my Instagram picture at the time," I think my breasts are seems too big and sweaty to be "commented on", perhaps one should start to worry about the realism in all of this.

But we've all come to that point a long time ago, we know that such offers are at most are briefly annoying and then no longer an issue. But every time the fake profile of a Russian model gives me her love again confesses and expects the same from me, I am tempted to consent, only to find out what happens then. Instagram now has over a billion users worldwide. According to external research, around one in ten of them is a bot. Experts say that this type of bot is represented much more frequently than for example Bots that aim to exert political influence. And these lustful bots feel particularly at home on Instagram, because the platform has involuntarily created a biotope for exactly this scam. Instagram wants to be family friendly. Freedom of movement is only tolerated to a certain extent, but walking a tightrope Again and again strongly preferred by the algorithm, so that the system is based solely on its structure has made professional influencers feel compelled to be in a Picture of the sunset somehow still accommodating her bum or her six-pack.

In the meantime, the bots have used direct messages, group invitations, markings on photos, Answers to question stickers, stories and comments every form of contact on Instagram opened up. Even private profiles are found by the bots via the follower lists of other users. But what exactly is their goal? Data? Money? Access to your own profile? Maybe just love and affection after all? No, at first, of course, this cannot be generalized because there are several scams here fish with the same bait.

However, it can be observed that they tend to be outnumbered by their own Passwords or other data are interested, but rather, as is so often the case, in their own Wallet. If the contact is successful, the conversation shifts to the Instagram direct messages, where, after some back and forth, the bot draws attention to the fact that he would much rather May write on another platform that Instagram is somehow not the real thing. In order to offer an incentive to switch platforms, the bot lures with revealing, exclusive photos that are far too blatant for Instagram. An ancient scam, but it still finds its victims. At this point, at the latest, media experts get out. In many cases, the link that the bot kindly provides is behind the link represents, a site that mimics the registration form of a dating site. The name from the Instagram profile is taken over into the mask and you are completely on one forwarded to other side.

More on that in a moment. Although the later profile on the dating site is neither a profile picture nor any other distinguishing feature apart from the name, your own mailbox is directly flooded with women who say you would have noticed them especially among all other profiles! Of course, there is no trace of the original Instagram fake profile. The business model is then correspondingly simple. The first messages to those interested are free, after that you have to pay around € 1 pay per message. For comparison, the dating app that Katja Krasavice introduced 3 years ago as a real embodiment such a bot has advertised with its own presence there, has about 1.44 € per message cost, but the business model is exactly the same for both.

Besides, who uses such an expensive platform voluntarily? Well, nobody. Because this is where the relatively young career branch of the so-called IKM writer takes place. "Chat moderators" as they are also euphemized, although they are contrary to the common ones Meaning of this word, neither delete messages and block users, but ever raise another sock puppet after the shift and assume the identity of such a profile, to get the victims of this scam to answer and thus to pay. Yes, there are people out there whose job it is to get resumes from attractive women think up, which should be exposed as late as possible via dating rip-offs. And of course it also has psychological consequences if someone notices that the person with whom you've been writing for so long, spending a lot of money talking to her and which one may even have fallen in love with does not even exist.

Which rightly raises the question of whether this is not illegal, although the platforms are now indicate the use of “chat moderators” in their terms and conditions. And the answer is: maybe. Because you are not allowed to just write anything in the terms and conditions, and who they are not reading, he was unlucky, but allowed to read the information it contains do not have a “surprising twist” ready for the user. Which means a platform that advertises real life with partners, but then IKM writers uses, such a surprising twist could be said in court. The platforms themselves earn their money by creating attractive fake profiles let underpaid IKM writers appear authentic and their victims through chargeable ones Exclude messages. Psychologically, this is extremely manipulative because it makes it seem like it is the interlocutor is very serious about us, after all, she also seems to have money for Messages to pay us.

However, the platforms themselves do not operate the bots on Instagram. Here is again an affiliate network similar to the scam on Facebook. The platforms employ masterminds from bot armies who are responsible for the link placement sell the highest bidding platform. According to the UWG, the law against unfair competition, this type is direct Establishing contact for customer acquisition in this country is illegal. Because telephone calls and analog and digital mail are only allowed in this case after express with prior consent. And here you can make it very easy for yourself again and get off the high horse of your own Media education pull out the “own fault” card and do not change anything. What helps, however, is to be aware of such meshes, similar patterns recognize somewhere else and be able to protect yourself and others, after all This scam can not only be found on Instagram. And the number of unreported victims is probably quite high, because the shame of im To have fallen for such obvious fraud in hindsight is too high for many to accept go to the police or in public.

To legally prohibit such bots, without which the rip-off platforms would no longer be victims have is just as ineffective. Simply because such a law cannot be technically implemented. That would be like telling software to tell the difference between Recognize a quote and a copyright infringement, hah, but that's fortunate none ….

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