How To Add Bots in Counter Strike 1.6 Server

hi guys today i’m going to show you how to add bots to your counter strike server so start to HLDS server go to console menu and type in bot join after player space 0 so the bots will be added after the game starts now type in bot and now one bot will be added to the game if you want to add multiple bot you can type bot quota and number of bota you want so if i want five bot I will type five and 5 bots will be added let me show you so you saw that the bots were added if you want to remove the bots you can type in bots kick now all bots are removed and to set the bot difficulty you can type bot difficulty to 12 or 3, 1 means easy, 2 means medium and 3 means heard if I want hard i will type 3 and enter now the bat difficulty is hard and yes you can also add bot to a specific team for example if you type bot join Team CT then boT will be joined to the team counter-terrorist and if you will type T then to the terorist team will be joined to the terrorist team and i want to show you a webpage it’s link is in the description here you can find more commands and yeah they are very helpful so please check out this and if you found my video helpful please subscribe to Hi5i

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