How to Create Twitter Bots

Twitter BOTS application helps you create BOTS visually so you don’t have to worry about writing any code you don’t have to be a programmer all you have to do is describe your bot in plain English and will do the rest so here are some of the capabilities of the terawatts application it can read you it and favorite tweets it can follow users who do it on particular topics it can send DMS or direct messages to your new followers it can reply to do it with a public reply or even a DM and finally it can add users who do it on particular topics to one of your tutor lists the other interesting feature of the tutor BOTS application is that you can specify the time period for which the board should run so for instance if you’re offline during the evening or late night you can instruct the bot to only run between 6:00 p.m.

To 9:00 a.m. when you are usually offline ok now that you know what the BOTS can do it’s time to create a tutor bot so the first thing you need to do is go to App Store tutor comm and create a new tutor application now this is the easy part all you have to do is fill in the tutor BOTS name a unique description and your website address now remember to put the full website address including the HTTP part finally agree to the developer terms and conditions and create your application the bot has been created successfully but if you look at the access level it is set as read and write what that essentially means is that your bot can read tweets and it can write to it it cannot however send DMS so for that what we will do is we will modify the app permissions and set the access level as read/write and access DMS our tutor application is almost ready now the last thing we need to do is generate the keys in access tokens and use that in our tutor BOTS next go to lab nor dot or slash BOTS to access the Twitter BOTS application and here copy paste the tutor keys that we have just generated music so we are all set it is now time to create the BOTS so writing a bot is simple you specify the search term you specify the action and the bot is ready so for the first bot let’s say we are trying to capture all tweets that mention the hashtag green energy and that have been retweeted at least a 10 number of times if we find any such tweets the bot should automatically favorite that – it for the second bot let’s have some fun so we will try to find to it that have misspellings of common word and in case somebody has misspelled that word we will try to send them a to be a public reply saying that the correct spelling is this now they are definitely not going to like this but this is just to demonstrate the capabilities of the bot for the next bot I am trying to find out interesting users who tweet about life facts and I am trying to add them to a tutor list that I have already created so for that what I will do is I’ll specify the search term as hash lifehacks min faves 5 now this is a search operator that will only return to its that have been favorited at least 5 times now the important thing to note here is that when you are specifying a tutor list 1 this tutorial should already exist and second the way you should specify the tutor list is mention your screen name followed by a slash and followed by the slug of the Twitter list let’s now switch to the fourth but it is not important that you create all the BOTS in one go but for this demo let’s do that what I want the 4th bot to do is send a DM to someone who follows a particular user so in this case whenever somebody follows labne all a DM will be sent so you specify the user name in the search field and the message that should go out as the DM in the reply field so it’s time to create the final bot and this is an interesting one because unlike other boards that are always running this will only run during certain hours you you so what I am trying to do is set up an out-of-office reply bot that will reply to tweets that come when I’m offline so the BOTS have been described and it’s time to create and unleash those BOTS so how do you do that simple just click the Create button so when you click the Create button what it does is it creates a background process that runs every 15 minutes so your BOTS will auto run every 15 minutes they will find all the matching tweets and perform the associated actions against those tweets there are two other important buttons on this page that you should know about one is the show logs button and this comes handy if you are trying to know what the bot is doing in the background and if the bot is not working what could be the possible reason then you have the stop button and has obvious this helps you stop all the tutor BOTS in one go so let’s see what the bot is doing in the background now here is a tweet that the bot has sent fixing asking somebody to fix the misspelling obviously a fun bot and this is the next week that the bot has favorited so if you remember we had a board that would favorite all green energy hashtag tweets with minimum number of favourites as 10 so it has done that so creating BOTS is very simple the only thing you need to take care of his play by the tutor rules you should also check out tutor archiver it helps you save to it’s in a Google sheet forever


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