How to get free Bitcoin with Bitvisitor Bot!!!!!!!!

hello guys it’s black box today I’m going to show you how to get free bitcoins using the visitor so you’re just gonna take your bitcoin address just got a copy it paste it right into the website soon as you give the website you’ll see this paste your bitcoin address will show up a page showing how much you BGC you will be burning after a quick CAPTCHA and what is it don’t take you this webpage where basically there’s a timer right here that’s gonna count down from 5 minutes after 5 minutes on next button will appear right here but you’ll click and get your you BGC and that’s basically just a fraction of the bitcoin it’s on there it’s a measurement unit but it basically is just gonna show you a website which you don’t even have to look at Justin Ross yeah basically then you just come back and a lot of times what you say it’s like a huge hassle to do that to have to like you don’t stay on the webpage and that kind of thing so basically what I found is this little thing tells the visitor bot just little black box so what you can do is you fill this little box right here with your bitcoin address and with this bot you’ll still have to enter CAPTCHA but they’ll just automatically appear in front of anything in front of anything that you have open instead of having to switch the webpage it’ll just appear you enter it and then you’re right back to what you were doing and basically it connects with the website and it doesn’t have a second timer but basically just ticks down okay here’s another one because the thing is you can have multiple all of these boxes open for multiple addresses as long as you just copy over the file set reopen it again and see this one’s been earning the bitcoin in the past few minutes that’s what there’s so much there you can see my earning lay up so you just enter it continuous adds another line it’s gonna count down so if you want this bot just email me at black box death coin at gmail.com and I’ll put that in the link below so you can just copy and paste it over and I’ll send you either the file set is an attachment or a link to the website where I download it let’s all have to find because I really don’t remember where I found it so I’ll try to find it or I’ll try to email you the final set so if you want to just email black box kept going at gmail.com so um yeah just back to it visitor it’s at about 2 minutes and 25 seconds the actual website and yeah we putting a link to the website below so go down there and click it you can do it right now anyway I’m gonna pause the video and come back like 15 seconds left just so you can see what this looks like hey guys sorry I said it would come back at 15 seconds but I did and I accidently waited til it’s at 0-0 as you can see here so it’s pretty much done next button appears here so we can hit the next button it opens up a new tab I’ve used up all my visit so it’s not gonna show up in your web page right now but most of the time it will if you do this properly and this one it’ll take you another web page where there’s a CAPTCHA shows you how much you’re making and enter in your yeah entering the CAPTCHA move on to another website my currently used all of mine up for the day which does happen so yeah I would definitely recommend this site if you’re working and especially just basically just check it out every 5 minutes after the CAPTCHAs or if you use the exact thoughts right here which it looks like though these are about to be done pretty quick but no I might as well just show you that see as they’re almost done he’s gonna get out basically do some World War two studying like I’m working on this with those just running in the background you’re gonna see pretty quick here just tell them just how they pop up enter the CAPTCHA and they’ll just keep arriving the strict Mickey we left some pretty bit going oh also another thing sometimes the CAPTCHAs at the website are math problems and only appears ketchup sometimes they’re math problems and this bot does not work for that it’ll just close so if you’re a bot is just randomly closing go check the website with that with that um with that particular address because you might find that there’s a math problem that Bob just can’t comprehend and click show to so see I just entered the CAPTCHA it closed just goes directly back here I’m just going to show you this B and swh just enter click close and back to working and just in the background it gave me that 1.6 uvt see just started running the script again so pretty simple not difficult at all pretty much just some not a large amount a bitcoin but free bitcoin is ridiculous.

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