How to make an easy and cheap arduino robot!

Hey guys, kate here today, we’ll be learning how to make easy to make affordable, awesome, Arduino, robots, it’s. What you’re going to need is a standard Arduino Uno motor shield for the Arduino Uno, you’re going to need a robot chassis. There are many online I’m just using this one with just two simple motors. Your many different types of shafts are, you can use, you can use a giant one. You can use different types of treads. You can use medium or medium-sized ones. Just as long as they have two motors, you should be fine because RV no motor shields, they only take a certain amount of power. So, if you’re playing around with different types of power and what kind of chassis you can use, I highly recommend using smaller chatzi’s, be able to take less power and it can go much faster you’re going to need some power for your Arduino and you’re Going to need a programming card, so you can program the Arduino and upload files to the Arduino from the computer and so for tools. You’re going to need a hot glue gun, we’re going to need some scissors and you might end up using solder, then take your Arduino and your Arduino motor shield and connect with them just like any other Arduino shield and make sure not to bend the little Prongs on both the are gonna you know and mushroom. Now that you have your chassis and Arduino nailed down now, where you going to do is connect both of them says motor A and motor B, and it’s pretty much just left and right, as you do on a program and later you’ll learn how to actually operate Or A and motor B there are four wires and there are six these ports, so there are two for the power and the other four are for your motors. So all you do is um. Take a set. There are two sets is take a set of wires on the motor and then plug it in directly to either motor A or motor B after you’ve connected the motor wires and put them in our Reno motor shield. Pulls we’re going to want to do is take a screwdriver screw, the men make sure they’re tight and I’m going to do. Is each one and make sure to leave these two like we’re going to use those later. So, in the end, it should end up looking like this when you’re finished with your chassis. Now it’s time to start the program, it Magloire CC tired. Reading on my plate is download, scroll down and does whatever operating system you have on mass velocity just come on and it should start down with it. Okay, now you’ve installed the Arduino software off the window. Sure that Michaels in like this now you may be thinking. Oh wow. I need to code well, actually, you don’t. I actually did all going beforehand. I set up all the fans. There’s a chord man backward, man’s left and right then. So all you do is pop. It this is a program so for my first command. What I’m gonna do is put on the void loop. Let’S return to a place, just paste. The board commands right here then, after that I want to go backward, so I get that code face. It so goes forwards and backward, and then. Eight paste it and I’m done fill in click on verify, sketch make sure it’s compiled, and on compiling when that means the codes right. Everything when the codes correct and you’re right, uploaded, okay, so now you’re going to need your USB cable to connect the Arduino to the computer is get your Arduino Arduino board and plug it into this plug right here now, we’re going to do is take the USB and plug it directly into your computer, as so now that you’ve connected your robot to your computer. What you’re going to want to do is go to sketch after you verified it, go to tools and click board, then go to the port, and the USB bottom should be showing up. You’re gonna go and click upload. This should say dumb upload it and when your web starts moving, you know it’s 50 up. The link should also be going on it up and the CNC is working.

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