Integrating Dialogflow with Twilio Messaging Service

welcome to deconstructing chatbots I am priyanka regalia and in this episode we will integrate dialogue flow with 2 leos messaging service one of my friends uses Twilio messaging service and requested that I walk him through setting up Twilio bots with natural language understanding based on dialogue flow so here we go again we are going to work with the same appointment scheduler chat pod and integrated with Torrio's messaging service so that our users who choose to text us can get the same experience as the ones who are using us on web and Google home we are in our agent let's click integration this time we are going to click on to Leo's text messaging service the pop-up has some instructions click on start copy the request URL and put it in the twill use programmable SMS there are more instructions if you click on the link it takes you to the detailed screenshots and how to set it up but for now let's just do it ourselves the first thing you will need is a Twilio account if you don't have one created and then log in from the dashboard click on all the products and navigate to programmable SMS once you're on the programmable SMS dashboard click on SMS I already have an appointment scheduler messaging service setup here but you can just create one for yourself provided a name and in the use case select chat pod interactive two-way let's click on the messaging service you created to assign a phone number use the Add button to buy a new phone number or just use an existing number if you have one click through the US selections and you should have a number assigned now we click on the configuration to integrate dialogue flow enable inbound settings in the request URL copy and paste the URL that was generated by dialogue flow in the integration section and save it now copy the service ID number and the odd token from Twilio dashboard and paste them in the dialogue through integration console again once you're done click on save and start yay our bot started successfully now it's time to test her bought via text messages so we will use the number we assigned to our messaging service and run through that example again hi I would like to set an appointment for 3:00 p.m.

tomorrow driver's license great we received a confirmation all right so today we integrated our appointment scheduler chat pod with Twilio messaging service enabling our users to set an appointment via text we managed to provide an exact same experience to our users using our bot from the website or via text well that's the win that's it for today join me in the next episode for deconstructing chat BOTS where we will learn more about fulfillments if you liked this video and want to see more subscribe to our Channel [Music].

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