Nexthink’s Chatbot Integration: Overview

Virtual agents, or chatbots, have revolutionized the way users interact with technology. Over the past years, their value to enterprise IT operations has become clear. For one, end-user productivity is boosted from the instant diagnosis and resolution of IT issues by eliminating waiting queues, thanks to chatbots 24/7 availability. In addition, support costs are reduced as automation lowers the number of calls to the
service desk freeing up the workforce With Nexthink, you can now empower your own chatbot with Nexthink's unique intelligence around the employee
experience, to make their operations: Smarter, by diagnosing issues with a
range of data about both devices and their infrastructure. More accurate, by providing new context to employee frustrations. And faster, by solving issues without the need for human intervention. Here, an employee is experiencing a slow
PC and decides to contact the virtual agent. Nexthink intelligence then
diagnoses the potential issue in real-time before suggesting a solution In this case, Nexthink is enabling the
chatbot to adjust some applications, which slowed the user's PC on startup Once resolved, a ticket is automatically
created and closed At this point, Nexthink insight has diagnosed an additional action which can then also be resolved and closed on the spot.

In a matter of minutes, this employee's issue has been resolved and closed without the need to involve IT, freeing up the workforce and enabling productivity. With nexthink intelligence, you can now empower your chatbots to be more accurate, smarter and faster to improve productivity, reduce costs and,
more importantly, your Digital Employee Experience..

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