Streamlabs Cloudbot | Run your chatbot in the cloud!

Hey, this is Dustin with the Streamlabs team and we have an awesome announcement to make. We just launched Streamlabs Cloudbot, which allows you run your bot in the cloud through your Streamlabs.com Dashboard without using up your computer’s resources. Don’t worry, if you still use and enjoy the desktop version of Streamlabs Chatbot, that is still available if you want to keep the extra functionality of custom scripting. However, if you want most of the Streamlabs Chatbot functionality without needing to run a bot program on your machine, Streamlabs Cloudbot will be perfect for you. You can control Streamlabs Cloudbot directly from Streamlabs.com or within Streamlabs OBS. We’ll cover how to get started with both. First, log into Streamlabs.com and on the sidebar navigation, click on Cloudbot. After this, you’ll see a toggle to enable the Cloudbot. If your bot isn’t enabled, just click the toggle and it’ll turn teal and your bot is enabled. The next step is to go to your stream chat and mod Streamlabs. Just type /mod Streamlabs and now Streamlabs Cloudbot will have mod privileges in your stream.

Through Streamlabs OBS you also have access to Streamlabs Cloudbot by clicking on the Chatbot tab on the top left of the program window. If you access the bot this way, make sure the bot is enabled and you’ve also followed the steps of modding Streamlabs in your chat. Now your bot is enabled and ready to be customized for your streams. For the rest of this video, we’ll just give a brief overview of the features available in Streamlabs Cloudbot. Features are constantly being added and we may cover some of these existing features in more depth in future videos, so stay tuned. The first tab is Mod Tools. Mod Tools help moderate your stream by controlling any spam or unwanted links that show up in your chat. Some of these Mod Tools include Caps Protection, Symbol Protection, Link Protection, and Word Protection.

The next tab is Modules. Modules are some core chatbot features, such as Chat Alerts, Heist Minigame, Gamble Minigame, and Media Share. Next is Commands. The main functionality of any chatbot are commands, which allow you to utilize the power of default commands and create your own custom commands. The next tab is Timers. Timers are essentially Commands that run on timer intervals and automatically run after a certain amount of time has elapsed. Next is Quotes. Every streamer ends up having memorable quotes that are always shared with their community, and the Quotes feature is where your quotes will live when they’re added to Streamlabs Cloudbot. The following tab is Queue. Queue is a great feature that allows a streamer to create a list of viewers, which can best be used for queueing up viewers to play with on stream. The next tab is Loyalty. Loyalty is essentially a point system that allows a streamer to give points to viewers for watching the stream or giving out bonus points.

As a streamer, it’s up to you to decide how your points will work with your community, but the Loyalty tab will track and give out points at your command. The last 2 tabs are Polls and Betting. These are great bonus features we’ve included in Streamlabs Cloudbot to let your viewers vote on Polls you create and bet in your stream. These are just the features we’ve included in Streamlabs Cloudbot for now, but there’s still more to come. Now with Streamlabs Cloudbot, you have a bot that runs right in the cloud, saving your computer’s resources and making managing your stream easier..

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